Colombo, Sri Lanka

Once christened as the “Gardens of the East”, the capital city is much more than verdant greens and azure beaches. The city today, encompasses the glossiness of a cosmopolitan hub, the old world charm of a colonial favourite, the hustle and bustle of a globally emerging capital and of course the beauty and lure of a tourist hotspot.

The city’s rich cultural heritage and legacy is courtesy it’s natural harbour, this port city traded with the Greeks , Chinese , Arabs , Romans and Persians over 2000 years ago.Colombo witnessed a phase of haphazard growth and development under the colonial powers between 15th to 19th century and adorned the city with their architectural magnificence, reflected in its majestic forts, lofty churches, ornate gables,shady boulevards and lengthy promenades.

Places to visit in Colombo

Galle Face Green
Located in the heart of the Colombo, the Galle Face Green is a green space overlooking the Indian Ocean.This lovely promenade against the backdrop of sky piercing building and the sound of rolling waves attracts tourists and locals alike.

Viharamadevi Park
Another hard to miss destination is the Viharamahadevi Park also known as Victoria Park, this urban park acts as the green lung of Colombo.Filled with sprawling lawns punctuated by palms and water fountains, the Viharamahadevi Park houses the striking and shining statue of Lord Buddha. Adjacent to the Viharamahadevi Park is the National Museum. This bright white stucco building holds rich antiquities that stand’s testimonial to Sri Lanka’s vibrant history. Of the many collectives are the crown and throne of Kandyan monarchs, armory and artillery from the colonial era,varied forms of art and other paraphernalia, each narrating a tale of its own.

Gangaramaya Temple
The Gangaramaya temple is one destination which makes it to the Colombo must see list with its riveting architecture and layout. Built during the 19th century, this Buddhist temple includes several imposing buildings and houses eclectic mix of dazzling and glitzy extraordinary gifts presented by devotees and well wishers.

Other places of interest, around Colombo include the Colombo fort, the Wovendall Church, the Dutch Museum, the commercial and administrative buildings of York and Chatham Streets and the Old Dutch Hospital .

The dining scene in Colombo is as varied and diverse as the city itself, ranging from small wayside eateries to gorgeous cafes to indulgent restaurants. Colombo provides myriad opportunities to the ardent shopaholic, the city houses designer brands, small time boutiques and street shopping. Stay options are equally galore in Colombo,water facing resorts, luxury hotels, pretty homestays, well appointed studio apartments provide for economical yet plush accommodation.