Kandy, Sri Lanka

As sweet as it sounds, are the pretty images here.This is where the white skies flirt with the towering peaks of lofty hills and where green becomes the theme for this romantic encounter. Kandy’s lovely breeze, frequent rains, emerald slopes and placid lakes make it the picture perfect destination and Sri Lanka’s very own hill capital.Once a stronghold of the Sinhalese, Kandy strongly resisted the colonial powers for three decades, until it ceded to the British in an agreement in 1815.

One of the biggest gifts of Kandy to Sri Lanka is it’s tea, the well manicured tea gardens acts as a pretty green carpet to the otherwise rugged landscape.Kandy also holds the distinction of being the first tea plantation estate, today Kandy is known far and wide for its mid-grown tea.

Places to Visit in Kandy

Dalada Maligawa
Yet another feature which drives attention to the hill city is the Dalada Maligawa – Temple of the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. The temple complex in itself expanses over large areas and houses other temples and museums within. Buddhist followers across the globe flock to Dalada Maligawa to witness the Esala Perahera.

Kandy Monasteries & Buddhist publication Centre
Being one of the seats of Buddhism, Kandy has much relevance with respect to culture and heritage.Situated a little away from the Dalada Maligawa is the Buddhist publication Centre, a non profit charity that sells Buddha’s teaching for free. The centre is also visited by prominent Buddhist monks to deliver lectures and talks.

Ceylon Tea Museum
The museum occupies 1925-vintage Hantane tea factory. The factory comprises of four floors with a deluxe restaurant at the rooftop, overlooking the panoramic Kandy city.The museum traces the origin and growth of the tea plantation sector in Kandy.

Royal Peradeniya Gardens
Located at a distance of 5.5kms from Kandy is this abode of flowers and spices.The botanical gardens make for European style wallpapers with walkways aligned with vibrant flowers in various hues.This flower paradise is home to over 4000 species of orchids, spices, medicinal plants and palms.

The beautiful terrains of Kandy houses some of the best resorts, hotels and ayurvedic spas in the country.This lovely eden amongst clouds forms for the perfect getaway as well as fun filled family holiday.