Precious as the gem where it borrowed its name, Hotel Topaz shares more than just a few things with the crystalline mineral. According to jewellers, topaz is a soothing, empathetic stone that will direct energy to the place it is most needed – exactly what guests can expect and experience in this hotel in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Travellers searching for a break from stress and routine will enjoy their stay because like the topaz, the hotel’s rooms, ambience, and nature scenery heals and energizes the soul. And with the help of various superb features like a spa, pool, and a restaurant, leisure and satisfaction are easy to achieve.

To say that Hotel Topaz’s accommodation is stylish and comfortable would be an understatement. These rooms and suites boast of a calming atmosphere that can already induce one to relax. All guestrooms are fitted with modern comforts like air-conditioning, satellite TV, plush bedding, Wi-Fi Internet access, and wide windows that make the each space more inviting. Rooms also have private balconies from which resplendent views of lush mountains and hills can be seen.