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Gateway Sri Lanka Holidays is the subsidiary of Gateway Malabar Holidays P(Ltd), a company which has carved a niche for itself in the international tourism arena. Conceived in 2006, today Gateway Malabar Holidays has an entire bunch of well set up offices in Colombo, Dubai, Bangalore, Cochin and Calicut supported by network offices globally.


When an entire bunch of people driven by sheer passion for hospitality and tourism come together; it is nothing but an exuberance of time bound efficient service. Our team comprising of 25 staff help us deliver the best every single time. We have offices spread across Dubai, Kerala and Karnataka supported by network offices in major cities. So sit back and treasure those finer moments with your family because we are here to help and make your holidays absolutely hassle free.

With a commitment to create and provide the best value for our clientele, our partners and our team, we at Gateway Malabar Holidays welcome you & your clientele to unlock the most exotic destinations of South India with us.


As blue beaches, amber sunsets, green highlands, golden sand and all things beautiful get concentrated in one lovely location of earth; all you need is one efficient tour planner who meticulously plans your holidays and we offer exactly that. We work closely with the best of hotels, airlines and travel related organisation to ensure that your holidays goes onto become one well cherished time.

The best packages, the perfect destinations and the wonderful service will allure you over and over again.