Negombo, Sri Lanka

A peppy name for a peppy place, Negombo is the destination for all those beach lovers out there. Catamarans, canoes, fishing nets are some of the common sights you can find on those golden beaches paused by archy coconut palms.

During its early days Negombo used to be a Dutch bastion and the Dutch influence can be seen in the architectural marvels here. Beautiful churches, towering forts are part of the common sights in Negombo. A food basket, Negombo is famous for its wild cinnamon and fresh fish. The fish markets in Negombo stay abuzz with all sorts of seafood ranging from humble sardines to mammoth king fish to bright mallets. Brassware and ceramics also form a crucial part of every shopper’s list. The shopping scenario here is quite vibrant with international brands, boutiques all aligned to woo the tourists. The city also houses an entire array of hotels and resorts to suit all budgets and pockets.